Local Clubs Represent Williamson County Regionally and Nationally

Williamson County is home to some of the top sports programs in the state of Tennessee.  Although school sports are in their off-season, youth sports are still in full swing in WC!  The Girls 96 Impact team from Tennessee Futbol Club as well as four boys teams and 4 girls teams from Brentwood Soccer Club will be representing the state of Tennessee in the upcoming US Youth Soccer Region III Championships that kick off tomorrow in Murfreesboro.  Also adding to the spotlight on WC is Alliance Volleyball Club that will be traveling to Florida and Georgia over the next week and a half to play in both the AAU National  Volleyball Championships and the USAV Championships.  Learn more about the successful youth sports programs in Williamson County at www.williamsoncountysportspage.com


About williamsoncountysportspage

I am the owner / editor of an online youth sports publication in Williamson County, Tn. As the parent of a youth athlete, I feel it is so important for other parents to have a go to source where they can get all the info they need about their child's local sports programs. There are several news outlets out there, but none other than the Williamson County Sports Page covers not only the big sports events, but also the stories of Little League heroes! I am thrilled to offer the community such a valuable source as well as to highlight the talented athletes of Williamson County!
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2 Responses to Local Clubs Represent Williamson County Regionally and Nationally

  1. Beth McGee says:

    Girls TNFC 96 Impact team is also playing in the Southern Regionals. Titles include 2009 Div. 1 State Finalist, 2010 Div. 1 State Champion, 2011 Div. 1 State Finalist, and 2011 Region III Central Premier League representative to the Regionals.

    • Thank you for your reply! We actually checked the TNFC website and did not see that information. Sorry that was overlooked, we will be sure to include them as well. WCSP aims to give all our great youth sports programs their much deserved credit. If you ever have any news relating to your club please send it our way so that we can include them on the WCSP! Also, if you would like, send us results of how this team does this week so that we can cover their success! You can email any news and photos to amber@williamsoncountysportspage.com
      Thank you!

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