Williamson County 2011Varsity Football Season Gearing Up

For many football fans the wait for the new season of High School Football is far too long.  Any chance at a glimpse of football helps satisfy that need for the game!  Whether it’s regular season play or scrimmage, to the fan, football is football.  Well, for you long deprived fan, your chance at some football action has arrived!  Tonight, August 5th, several local varsity football teams will suit up and hit the field in full pads to show what they have to offer in this 2011 season.  Check out some local football scrimmages with new rosters and new head coaches.  To find out where and when visit:  www.williamsoncountysportspage.com



About williamsoncountysportspage

I am the owner / editor of an online youth sports publication in Williamson County, Tn. As the parent of a youth athlete, I feel it is so important for other parents to have a go to source where they can get all the info they need about their child's local sports programs. There are several news outlets out there, but none other than the Williamson County Sports Page covers not only the big sports events, but also the stories of Little League heroes! I am thrilled to offer the community such a valuable source as well as to highlight the talented athletes of Williamson County!
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